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Operating mainly in the international market, “FRAMEPORT” Group utilizes modern production supervision that focuses on participative management, integrating new managerial techniques that encourage “Productivity”, precise “Assets Utilization” and “Efficiency”.

Maintenance, reparation, recovery and modernization of the manufacturing equipment are made by a well trained and experienced team, resulting in outstanding productivity, efficiency and high degree of use of both imported and in-house manufactured equipment installed by “FRAMEPORT” Engineers.

Contemporary leadership keeps “FRAMEPORT” running smoothly. The open and practical management integrates the team, searching for productivity, competitiveness and market solutions.

“FRAMEPORT” knows that its employees are among its best assets and therefore does whatever it takes to keep them healthy, happy, safe, and motivated.

Medical assistance, dentistry, audiology and laboratory resources, among others, assure welfare and health conditions for active and inactive employees.

Leisure and informal meetings, social integrated celebrations, sport events, prizes and encouragement aid in building the interpersonal relationships.

Professional skill, training, and dialogues lead to improvement of professional quality of the whole staff. Free transport inspires personal integrity to and from working site and extends familiar conviviality.

Social attitudes and actions integrate the Group with the community. Among others, FRAMEPORT’s PROJETO PESCAR (How to fish Project) is a social Project based in the philosophy “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It benefits impetuous young people aged 15 to 18 years that are at social risk in their community.

In february 2023, FRAMEPORT was awarded "Empresa Amiga da Educação" certificate for believing in and investing in the projects of Marista Social Schools.

In partnership with the Community Firemen Brigade, the Internal Brigade of Fire Combat guarantees the integrity of the manufacturing installations and Forestry assets at dangerous situations.

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